Sep 12, 2009

Australian Collection, Part II: DRESSES AND MORE!

Ripcurl Tropicalia Frill Dress

Brand: Ripcurl
Retail Price: AUD69.95 (RM211
big-a-BOO's offer: RM64

Size 10 - Available
Size 12 - Available

Cotton On Red Checkered Dress

Brand: Cotton On
Retail Price: AUD39.95 (RM120)
big-a-BOO's offer: RM52

Size: L
Status: SOLD

Billabong Playsuit

Brand: Billabong
Retail Price: AUD39.90 (
big-a-BOO's offer: RM64

Size: 12 (fits UK10 - UK12)
Size 12 - Available
Size 12 - Available

TEMT Hot Pink Zipper Dress

Brand: TEMT
Retail Price: AUD29.95 (
big-a-BOO's offer: RM50

Size: L (fits UK10 - UK12)
Status: SOLD

Valley Girl Leopard Print Long Top

Brand: Valleygirl
Retail Price: AUD14.95 (
big-a-BOO's offer: RM43

Size: M (fits UK8 - UK10)
Status: Available

Mooloola Dutchess Party Dress

Brand: Mooloola
Retail Price: AUD59.95 (
big-a-BOO's offer: RM65

Size: 12 (fits UK12 - UK14)
Status: Available

Jeanswest Ruffle Top

Wear it on its own...

Or with a cardigan...

Or with a cardigan and a belt

Brand: Jeanswest
Retail Price: AUD39.99 (
big-a-BOO's offer: RM39

Size 8 - Available

Size 10 - Available
Size 12 - Available
Size 16 - SOLD

Portmans Oversized Belt

Brand: Portmans
Retail Price: AUD19.90 (
big-a-BOO's offer: RM22

Size: M/L
Status: SOLD